Testing Information

Testing Participants

Occasionally, we will anounce that we are testing our filter on Twitter. Yes, this means we are asking for D pics (for science).

By participating in our testing you are indicating that you are 18 or over and that the photo is being shared consensually.

A Note on Privacy

We care very much about the privacy of our testing participants. For this reason, the photos you send to us are deleted. Users will receive confirmation from the system when their photo is deleted. The only reason we may retain your photo for further testing is if the photo makes it past our filter. In this scenario, your photo remains in the DMs on our testing devices. Our devices have passcodes enabled and the test account has 2FA turned on. We try to let all users know when this happens but it is not always possible. If you do not receive confirmation, then your photo was not deleted. We retain information, such as the tags associated with your photo (nudity, sexual activity, etc.) but the data is anonymized. Please be aware that although we delete your photo, any messages and photos you send on Twitter are still saved by Twitter. This is the case for all of your conversations on Twitter, not just with safeDM.

We suggest all testing participants refrain from including their face in the photos that they send in. If you are having second thoughts about participating in our testing, please don’t. Our number one concern is your safety and wellbeing.